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Eugenia Kanavarou



My beliefs …

“ I love simple things and I am hiding behind them for you to find me, if you don’t find me, you’ll find the things, you’ll touch those that my hand has touched, our handprints will meet”

My name is Eugenia Kanavarou and I was born in Sparta, Greece.

I'm married and I have a son.

After Highschool and without second thought I found myself at the door of Akto Art & Design College where I Joined the departments of Graphic Art and Design, Photography and Interior Architecture. I graduated with honors after 4 years.

From then, start’s a long course in Advertising.

I worked for 26 years in big multinational advertising companies, such as BBDO Worldwide and McCann Erickson in Creative Department as Art Director.


Idea, design, realization, a magical area full of surprise and challenge!

Something new, something different every day! An area that absolutely expressed me and widened my horizons. On October 2013 I had to leave because of the unexpectedly big economic crisis. That, sad as it was, was the cause to start be more active with photography.


Through it I travel, dream, get passionate, create, draw strength.


Because photography, like any other form of art, is an inner quest for the artist.

Most people believe they see the world as it is, but actually we see it as we are.

It all starts inside! The travelling of the soul knows no borders, no barriers.

It only recognizes little painted “irregularities” to gather as much love and filling with images as it can. That is its aim and through that it breathes.

My goal is to make people around me travel through my images and make them feel what I do.

You may contact me at: jkanavar@gmail.com  

FaceBook page, Eugenia Kanavarou: https://www.facebook.com/jenny.kanavarou

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Lena Theocharidou
6 jaar geleden

great photos !!

Ben Driesse
6 jaar geleden

How nice to see your selection of your work on our website. It gives me the smell of the wonderful country we like to visit on our holidays. Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution.

Mabel Egberink
6 jaar geleden

Dear Eugenia, I absolutely love your photography: such clear lines, such wonderful layout, such pleasing colours!! Thanks for letting me touch your lovely hand print and the best of luck to you!
Mabel (If you like...I am in the February '18 section on this platform - all thanks to Ellen Driesse- Pladdet!)

Adriana Loebel
6 jaar geleden

Dear Eugenia excellent work !!! Congratulations !!!

Alexandra Bijl
6 jaar geleden

Dear Eugenia, i love your work!

Kostas Papatrechas
6 jaar geleden

UR so good congrats !!


Bouras panagiotis
6 jaar geleden

Excellent work Eugenia...Congratulations...

marga janmaat
6 jaar geleden

wonderful work! I love it! ....all white with a touch of color!...

Alane Younger
6 jaar geleden

Always love to view your wonderful work. Enjoy your featured work

Ruth Neuhäusler
6 jaar geleden

Love it!